The Thriving Self: A New Paradigm for Healing Trauma in the Mind, Body and Spirit and Moving Beyond It



New Book, “The Thriving Self,” Offers an Unique Paradigm for Healing Trauma in the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Healing is possible,
Thriving is possible”

— Karen Sprinkel Ancelet

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 31, 2023/ — Karen Sprinkel Ancelet’s “The Thriving Self” is a beacon of hope for those seeking transformation and growth beyond the burdens of trauma. It is a game changer in the field of trauma healing, offering both professionals and individuals a knowledgeable and comprehensive guide to the journey toward recovery.

Through her expansive fortitude and compassionate guidance, Sprinkel Ancelet reassures in this compilation that mending is possible and attainable in a way that transcends introductory survival. By addressing maladaptive patterns and actions and diving deep into core injuries, individuals can break free from their limitations and embrace a thriving actuality.
“The Thriving Self: A New Paradigm for Healing Trauma in the Mind, Body and Spirit and Moving Beyond It” delves into the complexities of trauma and its profound impact on individuals’ lives. Sprinkel Ancelet draws from her 30 years of clinical experience, extensive training, and diverse therapeutic modalities to present a comprehensive framework that guides readers through healing. By identifying trauma types and their severity levels, readers can gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences and embark on a personalized path to recovery.
The idea of trauma in the mind, body, and spirit is introduced in Sprinkel Ancelet’s book, which differs from conventional diagnostic criteria. Readers may address the entire scope of their trauma and start a comprehensive recovery process by realizing how these three components are interrelated. To promote profound healing and growth, “The Thriving Self” provides useful self-exercises, mental health strategies, and therapeutic modalities, including EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems (IFS).
The “Thriving Self” not only revolutionizes the way we perceive and treat trauma but also integrates ancient wisdom practices, such as meditation and mindfulness, into clinical therapy. Sprinkel-Ancelet’s deeply integrated perspective, gained from her years living in Asia and researching trauma’s impact on different cultures, adds a unique and enriching dimension to her approach.

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About Karen Sprinkel Ancelet:
With a wide range of educational experiences and more than 30 years of clinical practice, Karen Sprinkel Ancelet is a highly skilled psychotherapist licensed in Washington, Oregon and California. Trauma therapy, EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) are among Sprinkel Ancelet’s specialties. She incorporates traditional wisdom techniques into her therapy approach with an emphasis on holistic healing. Sprinkel Ancelet has managed therapeutic practices, worked with private clients, and gathered years of clinical data on trauma across cultures, notably in Asia.
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