T4Kids will tap into TOOTRiS, the nation's largest Child Care platform to help parents in San Diego county connect to subsidies

The T4Kids is helping Parents and Providers in San Diego County Connect to Valuable State Resources

Simplifying the process, T4Kids makes it easy for families in need to find, apply for, and receive assistance from California’s $200 Million Child Care Budget

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — TOOTRiS, a national leader in Child Care solutions, has been chosen by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to connect families to its General Child Care and Development Expansion Funds. With easy-to-use technology, T4Kids makes it easy for young families to learn about and apply for much needed subsidies that could make or break their ability to go to work. Leveraging TOOTRiS’ integrated platform, parents who qualify for subsidies can, in turn, tap into the largest Child Care network in the country to find open enrollment for their little ones. This partnership also acts as a driving force for the Child Care community, helping Family Child Care home programs receive enrollments from families who may have previously been unable to afford the cost of care. Starting in San Diego County in 2024, T4Kids aims to expand over time to connect families throughout the entire state who are looking to tap into the $200 million subsidies available through the state’s budget.

The Child Care Crisis in San Diego County:

The recent San Diego County Child Care Blueprint revealed the staggering challenges working parents face. 77% of parents say that it is a challenge to find Child Care in San Diego while at the same time costs continue to rise. Currently, a median income family with two children spends 40% of their income on Child Care – infant care alone costs $19,000/year on average. The General Child Care and Development Expansion Funds expansion program is a state-run initiative designed to alleviate this burden by distributing funds through Child Care centers and Family Child Cares to eligible low-income families.

How TOOTRiS is Moving the Needle:

As part of the T4Kids program, TOOTRiS, the largest Child Care platform in the country with more than 200,000 licensed providers online, has been entrusted with the task of managing funds as a Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN), connecting providers with eligible families through their T4Kids program, and efficiently distributing state funds. Part of the $200 million in total state-wide funds will be allocated strategically to ensure that deserving families in San Diego County receive the support they need.

Key features of TOOTRiS’ T4Kids program include:

• Provider and Parent Location: TOOTRiS will actively find and connect suitable providers and eligible parents within San Diego County.

• End-to-End Fund Delivery: The company will manage the entire process from identifying eligible parents to delivering state funds, offering complete tracking and transparency.

• Exclusive to San Diego County: In 2024, TOOTRiS is committed solely to the San Diego County community, ensuring focused and dedicated support. In the future, T4Kids looks to expand statewide to support all California families.

• Streamlined Eligibility Verification: TOOTRiS will navigate the complex task of confirming parent eligibility, streamlining the process for families in need.

Providers Invited to Join the T4Kids Program and Make a Difference:

Child Care Providers partnering with TOOTRiS through the T4Kids program will become integral members of the Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN). This program adopts a unique service and delivery model, incorporating high-quality standards and supporting Child Care providers through the Desired Results System for children in the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale program.

Parent and Provider Sign Up:

Parents can check their eligibility to receive funds by filling out a free application at – go.tootris.com/t4kids. When an application is approved, TOOTRiS will notify the family and update them on their status.

Child Care Providers interested in becoming select participants in the T4Kids program are encouraged to contact TOOTRiS at https://tootris.com/cctr.


About TOOTRiS:

TOOTRiS is the first and only universal Child Care platform that converges private and public Child Care stakeholders — Family Child Care Homes and Center-Based Providers, Parents, Agencies, and Employers — into a unified, real-time technology platform. This enables agencies to seamlessly distribute and track subsidies while empowering organizations to offer turnkey Child Care Benefits to their workforce with the flexibility and family support paramount to increasing retention, productivity, and ROI (return on investment). Visit tootris.com for information.

About California Department of Social Services (CDSS):

The CDSS is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families by providing access to high-quality child care services. Through programs like the General Child Care and Development Expansion, CDSS works tirelessly to address the evolving needs of California’s diverse communities and create a comprehensive child care and development system. Learn more at cdss.ca.gov.

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