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In a split second, Adam Elnekaveh went from fitness influencer to ICU patient with a grim prognosis.

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Through sheer will and determination, Adam Elnekaveh defied the odds.

Today, Adam Elnekaveh is a motivational speaker and author whose new book, Rebuilding Adam: The Tragedy, shares his miraculous — but harrowing — journey.

The struggles that I faced during my recovery underscore the importance of understanding and supporting those dealing with TBI.”

— Adam Elnekaveh

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — At the peak of Adam Elnekaveh’s career as a bodybuilder and fitness influencer, a catastrophic motorcycle accident nearly cost him everything. Comatose and pronounced dead at one point, Elnekaveh lingered in a vegetative state. Doctors cautioned his family that he likely had no chance of an independent life.

“Boy, am I glad I’m a stubborn man,” Elnekaveh quipped.

Elnekaveh’s motorcycle accident in May 2018 left him with a traumatic brain injury — a diagnosis given to an estimated 2.8 million people each year in the United States.

“The struggles that I faced during my recovery underscore the importance of understanding and supporting those dealing with TBI,” he said, adding that he hopes his new book, Rebuilding Adam: The Tragedy, will be a source of inspiration and knowledge, and serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Drawn from Elnekaveh’s detailed and deeply personal journal entries, Rebuilding Adam is a raw and gripping memoir that chronicles his journey from being a celebrated bodybuilder to confronting the stark reality of relearning the most basic human functions.

Through the raw honesty of his reflections, Elnekaveh invites readers to bear witness to his struggles to regain speech, mobility and a sense of normalcy while navigating the complexities of personal relationships. This tale of resilience and hope showcases one man’s remarkable transformation from the depths of despair to surpassing all expectations.

At its core, Rebuilding Adam is an honest account of a man rebuilding his life brick by brick in his search for independence.

“It’s not just my story,” he added. “It’s a story dedicated to the people every year who are forced to rebuild their lives and start everything all over again. Whether you’ve faced TBI yourself or know someone who’s going through it or its recovery, I hope that this memoir can provide comfort, guidance and a small glimmer of light in even the darkest moments.”

About the Author
Adam Elnekaveh is a former bodybuilder and fitness influencer who was just two months away from launching his first fitness app when he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in a tragic motorcycle accident in May 2018. He continues to defy the predictions made by his doctors, and today, he is an author and motivational speaker who delivers his raw, unbiased account of his recovery with a wit and warmth that truly inspires and energizes.

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