Tsinglong sets a new standard in brewing technology, offering versatility and user-friendly design for coffee enthusiasts seeking an elevated brewing experience.


With its 15 Puncture Needle System, flavor extraction is elevated and brewing consistency is ensured, exceeding the performance of traditional single-needle systems.


Featuring customizable settings for adjusting concentration and temperature, along with a memory function for personalized brewing experiences.


Tsinglong features the over ice brewing design, customized for savoring specially crafted lower-temperature brewing, perfect for indulging in refreshing iced coffee.


Tsinglong offers a user-friendly experience, with a streamlined brewing process and intuitive touch controls that guarantee convenience and satisfaction in every cup.

Tsinglong: Pioneering Coffee Innovation with the T-Original Single Serve Brewer

EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tsinglong, a leading name in the coffee brewing industry, proudly unveils its latest innovation, the T-Original Single Serve Brewer. Engineered to cater to the demands of modern lifestyles in both small households and office environments, Tsinglong’s T-Original promises to enhance the coffee brewing experience, addressing spatial constraints without compromising quality.

Tsinglong’s commitment to providing innovative yet affordable coffee solutions led to the creation of its flagship brand, Tsinglong, in 2023. By leveraging extensive research and resource reallocation, Tsinglong established an R&D coffee equipment manufacturing center in China, ensuring exceptional quality and service with localized warehouse and team services in the U.S.

The T-Original Single Serve Brewer boasts a space-saving design, ideal for individuals and families seeking premium coffee solutions within limited living or working spaces. Its exclusive 15-puncture needle system ensures consistent flavor extraction with every brew, promising an unparalleled taste experience.

In addition to its compact size, the T-Original is equipped with a pre-infusion function, designed to optimize coffee extraction and enhance flavor profiles, providing users with a customizable brewing experience through adjustable concentration and temperature settings. Moreover, the brewer features an over ice function, catering to those who enjoy iced coffee without compromising taste or quality.

Featuring a discreet water tank design that enhances portability, the T-Original Single Serve Brewer seamlessly transitions from home to office or outdoor settings, catering to diverse consumer needs and preferences.

“The T-Original Single Serve Brewer encapsulates Tsinglong’s dedication to delivering practical solutions for coffee enthusiasts,” stated a spokesperson for the brand. “Its compact design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for small households and office environments seeking a superior coffee experience.”

With intuitive touch controls and adaptable cup size options, the T-Original ensures a personalized brewing experience for users from all walks of life, whether they’re enjoying a leisurely cup at home or staying fueled during a hectic workday.

Tsinglong attributes its success to its team of dedicated professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. Vincent Zhen, an exclusive Coffee Equipment Engineering Consultant, brings over 20 years of R&D experience in espresso and coffee equipment. Kamei Ka, Founder of SRK Supply Chain, leads the company’s supply chain efforts in Japan, specializing in local warehousing, logistics management, and offline channel development. Adachi Masateru, General Manager Japan, possesses 15 years of online business experience in Japan, specializing in business development, marketplace cooperation, and crowdfunding strategies. Laura, Operations Director for Japan, leverages her 20 years of sales channel and marketplace development experience to ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

For more information about the T-Original Single Serve Brewer and to stay updated on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign on KICKSTARTER, please visit Tsinglong’s official website.

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