Turnkey Capital Finalizes Acquisition of Monytize, Revolutionizing Social Media and Entertainment

TKCI  CEO Dawnte Bailey  (featured left) & Monytize CEO Terrell Samuels

Turnkey Capital acquired Monytize

Turnkey Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:TKCI)

 TKCI’s intellectual property, paired with our business model, propels Monytize’s global expansion, ensuring a secure and sustainable future for our platform and users.”

— Terrell Samuels, CEO of Monytize

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Turnkey Capital (TKCI) has successfully completed its acquisition of Monytize, a cutting-edge social media platform designed to unify various social networks into a secure ecosystem that champions both privacy and freedom of speech while allowing users to generate revenue.

In today’s digital age, social media and entertainment have connected people from all corners of the globe, yet most users have remained passive consumers. Monytize aims to change this dynamic. The platform brings together a diverse community of free thinkers, content creators, athletes, artists, celebrities, non-profits, and more, curating a unique experience that combines entertainment and online connectivity while providing financial benefits to its users and worthy causes worldwide.

Monytize is making a significant global impact by reinventing how social media is consumed, ensuring that users receive their fair share of the multi-billion-dollar industry. With TKCI’s acquisition, Monytize introduces a revolutionary social media and streaming platform that allows users to earn passive income through an ad revenue-sharing model. This model seamlessly integrates entertainment with financial incentives, enabling users to monetize their everyday activities while enjoying music, movies, live TV, games, and social interactions.

Cole Wilson, Chief of Operations at Monytize, states, “TKCI’s acquisition of Monytize introduces a groundbreaking platform. Users can earn passive income through an ad revenue-sharing model while enjoying music, movies, live TV, games, and social interactions. By integrating entertainment with financial incentives, Monytize redefines digital engagement, enabling users to monetize their everyday activities seamlessly.”

The Monytize App, available on Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS, offers a comprehensive suite of features including movies, music, cloud-based console games, live TV, and platform-to-platform social media interaction.

“The heights that Monytize can reach with our technology is limitless”
(Dawnte Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of Turnkey Capital Inc.)

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