The Mick and Marie Story: Adventure, Love

Come along with the courageous photographer and the clever reporter as they set out on an experience full of peril, adventure, and love.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — “The Mick and Marie Story: Adventure, Love” is Mg Marzen’s tale of two young people thrust into a world of peril and romance. Join Mickey Swift and Marie Sweet on their exciting adventure as they unravel a labyrinth of deception and corruption while negotiating their developing love for one another.

MG Marzen has written a page-turning adventure that takes its readers deep into the heart of the national forest in California. Mickey Swift and Marie Sweet, a photographer, and a writer, respectively, find themselves in the middle of a deadly underworld involving testing synthetic drugs on child laborers and teen runaways after coming across an unrelated story. They must overcome several difficult obstacles to the truth, such as mountain climbing, cliff dancing, hang gliding, and boating. Their budding romance adds a dash of sweetness to an otherwise high-stakes journey. But threats are constantly present, and the risks are more significant than ever before. They discovered that the “animal rescue center” they had been looking into was a front for a much more dangerous operation whose psychotic CEOs killed wild animals for amusement.

As the threat level rises, Mick must battle his animal impulses and desire to keep the woman he loves safe. “The Mick and Marie Story: Adventure, Love” is a must-read for lovers of action, romance, and suspense, thanks to its captivating plot and a lively ensemble of characters. Grab a copy of the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital bookstores worldwide!

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