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USA Today

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 28, 2023/ — Veyond Metaverse, a leader in extended reality (XR) healthcare solutions, was spotlighted in USA Today on August 21, 2023, underscoring its advancements in digital surgery. Jon Stojan’s review details Veyond Metaverse’s use of XR to tackle significant challenges in surgical training and practice globally.

Veyond Connect™ isn’t just an advanced XR communication platform; it’s a digital bridge that connects top-tier surgeons to peers in distant and under-resourced locations, introducing a new era of global surgical collaboration.

The co-founders, Adam Choe and Dr. Joon Chung, expressed, “Being showcased in USA Today recognizes our dedication to transforming surgical care on a global scale.”
A standout detail from USA Today is the upcoming live digital surgery event in September 2023. Here, a surgeon from Myanmar and an expert from Paris will collaborate in real-time, showcasing digital surgery’s ability to erase geographical limits, enhance surgical techniques, and improve patient outcomes.

“Our mission,” Choe stated, “is not just to elevate but to redefine global healthcare standards. Through Veyond Connect™, we envision a collaborative medical future.”
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About Veyond Metaverse:
Veyond Metaverse, anchored in its commitment to healthcare excellence, is at the forefront of XR solutions, pushing the boundaries in collaboration, education, and surgical innovation.

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