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Discover the Power of Patenting: USPTO and PowerPatent Attorney Bao Tran demoing generative AI patent drafting solution at Silicon Valley SBDC 8/16/23 event

Attendees will learn about software-assisted patent filing and cost saving strategies from Patent Attorney Bao Tran and the process of patent prosecution and the role of patent examiners at the USPTO”

— Kim Tung Tran, SV SBDC Coordinator

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, US, July 26, 2023/ — PowerPatent, a leading provider of innovative intellectual property (IP) solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for an insightful event titled “USPTO: Demystifying the Patent Process.” The event, taking place at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library on 8/16/2023, will feature a live demonstration of PowerPatent’s cutting-edge software by Patent Attorney Bao Tran.

The SBDC noted: Join the Silicon Valley SBDC hosted by San Jose State University, in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to learn about the different types of patents, including utility, design, and plant. In this session, USPTO experts will discuss the difference between provisional patent applications and non-provisional patent applications and their use. Get connected to pro bono services for your intellectual property. Attendees will learn about software-assisted patent filing and cost saving strategies from Patent Attorney Bao Tran.

The “Discover the Power of Patenting” session aims to demystify the patent process for entrepreneurs and innovators. Hosted by the Silicon Valley SBDC, in collaboration with PowerPatent, the event offers attendees valuable insights into different patent types, including utility, design, and plant patents by the USPTO. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the patent application journey, from provisional patent applications to non-provisional patent applications, and their respective uses.

One of the highlights of the event is the live demonstration of PowerPatent’s innovative software by Patent Attorney Bao Tran. Attendees will witness firsthand how this software streamlines the patenting process and provides cost-saving strategies for filing patents. The demonstration will showcase the software’s user-friendly interface and its ability to facilitate collaboration between inventors and legal professionals, making the patent application journey more efficient and effective.

Features and Advantages of PowerPatent for Founders and Businesses Working with SBDCs:

Streamlined Patenting Process: PowerPatent’s software simplifies the patent application process, guiding entrepreneurs and inventors step-by-step, leading to more efficient and accurate patent filings.

Collaborative Platform: The software fosters collaboration between inventors, legal professionals, and other team members, ensuring that all stakeholders are actively involved in the patenting journey.

Cost-Saving Strategies: PowerPatent and its law firm partners help founders and businesses optimize their IP protection journey with cost-saving strategies, making the process more affordable for startups and small businesses.

User-Friendly Interface: The software’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to inventors and entrepreneurs with varying levels of technical and legal expertise.

Comprehensive IP Strategy: Working with PowerPatent, its law firm partners, and SBDCs allows founders to develop a comprehensive IP strategy, protecting their innovations and enhancing their competitive advantage.

Expert Guidance: PowerPatent law firm partners ensure that entrepreneurs receive expert guidance and support throughout the patent application process.

Valuable IP Protection: Utilizing PowerPatent’s software and working with SBDCs helps founders protect their intellectual property, safeguarding their innovations and ensuring long-term business growth.

Leveraging IP for Business Growth: PowerPatent’s rapid first-to-file invention disclosure process guides startups in using their IP assets strategically to drive business growth. This may include licensing their technology to generate additional revenue streams or using IP as a valuable bargaining chip in potential partnerships or funding negotiations.

Increasing Investor Confidence: A strong and well-protected IP portfolio enhances a tech company or startup’s credibility and attractiveness to potential investors. Investors are more likely to view the startup as having a sustainable competitive advantage and a higher potential for returns on investment.

Valuation Impact: Building valuable IP protection has a direct impact on the tech company or startup’s valuation during investment rounds or acquisition discussions. Tech companies or startups with robust IP protection are perceived as having a stronger market position and greater long-term potential, leading to higher valuation and better negotiation leverage.

Mitigating Risks: PowerPatent’s law firm partners help tech companies or startups mitigate the risks associated with IP infringement claims or disputes, which can be costly and detrimental to a company’s reputation. By proactively protecting their IP, startups reduce the likelihood of encountering legal challenges.

Long-Term Asset: Intellectual property can become a significant long-term asset for the tech company or startup, even beyond the initial growth stages. Well-protected IP can provide ongoing competitive advantages, allowing the company to maintain its market position and continue growing.

PowerPatent utilizes a specialized process to generate long invention disclosures for inventors, streamlining the process and providing valuable assistance to lawyers in easily reviewing the disclosures. Here’s an overview of how PowerPatent achieves this:

Interactive Questionnaire and Collaboration: PowerPatent’s platform provides inventors with an interactive questionnaire designed to extract all relevant information about their invention. This questionnaire guides inventors through the disclosure process, helping them articulate key aspects of their invention in detail. Additionally, the platform allows for collaboration between inventors and other team members, ensuring all stakeholders can contribute their insights.

Structured and Comprehensive Format: The generated invention disclosures follow a structured and comprehensive format, capturing critical details such as the problem the invention addresses, the novel features, the technical specifications, and potential use cases. By adhering to a consistent format, the disclosures become easier for lawyers and patent examiners to understand and evaluate.

Support for Multiple Media Types: PowerPatent’s platform allows inventors to include multiple media types, such as images, videos, and diagrams, to better illustrate their inventions. This multimedia approach enhances the clarity of the disclosures, enabling lawyers to grasp complex concepts with greater ease. Videos are subsequently rendered as static images to meet patent format requirements.

Legal Language and Terminology: As inventors may not always be familiar with legal language and terminology, PowerPatent’s platform helps them restate their ideas into clear and legally sound language.

Automated Diagnostics and Validation: Once the inventor completes the disclosure questionnaire, PowerPatent employs advanced algorithms and diagnostics to validate the disclosure’s completeness and accuracy. This automated process helps identify potential gaps or errors, enabling inventors to make necessary revisions before submission.

Easy-to-Use Tools for Lawyers: The structured format and comprehensive nature of the disclosure make it easier for lawyers to review and assess the invention. PowerPatent’s platform includes tools specifically designed for legal professionals to navigate the disclosure efficiently, saving time and effort during the evaluation process.

Collaborative Workflow: PowerPatent’s platform facilitates seamless collaboration between inventors, lawyers, and any other stakeholders involved in the patenting process. This streamlined workflow ensures that everyone is on the same page, reducing the chance of misunderstandings and unnecessary delays.

By leveraging an interactive and structured approach, combined with automated diagnostics, PowerPatent helps inventors produce comprehensive and accurate invention disclosures. These disclosures are designed to be easily understood by lawyers and patent examiners, ultimately expediting the patent application process and increasing the likelihood of successful patent grants.

For lawyers, generating first drafts from claims and drawings is a crucial step in the patent application process. It involves converting the technical information provided in the abstract/summary of the invention and drawings into a comprehensive and legally sound patent application. Here’s an overview of how lawyers can accomplish this with PowerPatent:

Understanding the Invention: The first step for lawyers is to thoroughly understand the invention described in the invention disclosure and drawings. They must grasp the technical details, innovative aspects, and the problem the invention aims to solve. Most lawyers then draft claims that are provided as input to PowerPatent.

Interpreting the Drawings: Patent drawings provide visual representations of the invention. Lawyers analyze these drawings to gain a clearer understanding of the invention’s structure, design, and how different components interact.

Comprehensive Description: Based on the analysis of the claims and drawings, PowerPatent acts as a co-pilot with the lawyer and generate a first draft with a detailed description of the invention. This section includes a clear and concise explanation of how the invention works, its components, and the technical principles behind its operation.

Supporting Evidence: Lawyers include any relevant data, experimental results, or technical evidence that supports the novelty and inventiveness of the invention. This evidence strengthens the patent application and can help overcome potential challenges during the examination process.

Legal Language and Terminology: PowerPatent ensures that the first drafts are written in clear legal language and terminology. They translate the technical information into appropriate legal terms while adhering to patent law requirements.

Incorporating Claims Limitations: The claims define the scope of the patent protection. Lawyers ensure that the description in the first draft aligns with the specific limitations set forth in the claims, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Specification of Variations: If the invention can be implemented in various ways or has alternative embodiments, PowerPatent can help lawyers describe these variations in the draft to provide a broader scope of protection.

Review and Revision: After generating the first draft, lawyers carefully review and revise the document to check for any inconsistencies, errors, or omissions. They also ensure that the patent application meets the relevant legal requirements and is ready for submission.

Collaboration with Inventors: Throughout the drafting process, lawyers collaborate with the inventors to verify technical details and confirm the accuracy of the representation of the invention.

Generating first drafts from claims and drawings requires a deep understanding of both technical and legal aspects. PowerPatent expands the claims, typically consisting of multiple elements, into the description, thus each element must be clearly and accurately represented in the draft. In this way, PowerPatent acts as a co-pilot for patent agents and lawyers in converting technical information into a well-structured and legally enforceable patent application, protecting the inventors’ innovations and ideas.

PowerPatent’s comprehensive suite of services and tools is designed to support companies of all sizes, from startups to public tech companies. Its versatile offerings cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses at various stages of their growth and development. Implications for innovative companies from startups to public companies include:

Streamlined Patenting Process: PowerPatent’s interactive platform simplifies the invention disclosure process for inventors. By providing an easy-to-use questionnaire and guiding inventors through the steps, PowerPatent reduces the complexity and time required to create a comprehensive disclosure.

Comprehensive and Accurate Disclosures: PowerPatent’s diagnostics and structured format help inventors produce detailed and accurate invention disclosures. This ensures that all essential information is captured, improving the quality and reliability of the patent application.

Legal Support and Clarity: Inventors may not be well-versed in legal language and requirements for patent applications. PowerPatent’s platform offers legal support and helps translate technical information into clear and legally sound language, ensuring that the application meets patent law standards.

Enhanced Collaboration: The platform allows for collaboration between inventors and other team members, facilitating the sharing of insights and expertise. This collaborative workflow ensures that all stakeholders are involved in the patenting process, leading to better-informed disclosures.

Increased Chances of Patent Approval: By providing inventors and their lawyers with comprehensive and well-structured disclosures, PowerPatent increases the likelihood of a successful patent grant. High-quality patent applications are more likely to withstand examination and obtain valuable patent protection.

PowerPatent’s generative AI solution is a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize the way patent professionals document inventions. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, this innovative solution streamlines and accelerates the patent drafting process, making it more efficient and accurate.
Here’s how PowerPatent’s generative AI solution helps patent professionals document an invention:

Automated Provisional Drafting: The generative AI solution can automatically generate a provisional patent application based on the information provided by the inventor or the patent professional. It analyzes the input data, identifies relevant technical details, and constructs a well-structured draft that captures the essence of the invention.

Enhanced Language and Clarity: The AI-driven system optimizes the language and structure of the patent application, ensuring that it adheres to the specific guidelines and legal terminology required by patent offices. This process enhances the clarity of the application and improves the chances of it being accepted and granted.

Real-Time Feedback and Collaboration: Patent professionals can receive real-time feedback from the generative AI tool while drafting the application. The AI solution assists in refining the document, suggesting improvements, and identifying potential issues that need to be addressed. This enables a collaborative workflow, improving the overall quality of the patent application.

Time and Cost Savings: With the generative AI solution automating several aspects of the patent drafting process, patent professionals can save significant time and effort. This increased efficiency translates into reduced costs and faster turnaround times, allowing patent professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

Continuous Learning and Improvement: PowerPatent’s generative AI solution continuously learns from the data it processes, improving its accuracy and capabilities over time. As the AI system becomes more familiar with different types of inventions and patent requirements, it becomes an even more valuable resource for patent professionals.

The “Discover the Power of Patenting” event promises to be an enlightening and informative session for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to protect and harness the value of their intellectual property. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the US patent system with the presentation by the USPTO and then see Patent Attorney Bao Tran’s live demonstration of PowerPatent’s software, and gain valuable insights into the patenting process.

To reserve your spot or learn more about the event, please visit this Event Registration Link or contact

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