Verse Integrates with Hubspot integrates with Hubspot effortlessly, offering same-day go-live, extensive customization, and data enrichment for their clients.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2024 / —, an AI-enabled lead engagement platform, integrates seamlessly with HubSpot for easy access to customer conversations and data.

While integration can be a headache for companies, Verse makes CRM integration easy, quick, and simple.

An SMS-based lead engagement and qualification tool, Verse has much to offer its clients in terms of customer data and insights—and they seamlessly feed this into clients’ tech stacks.

Verse’s dedicated implementation team integrates with HubSpot and a number of other CRMs through Zapier. With Zapier, integration is simple, effortless, and efficient.

The Verse team offers very fast go-live: after a brief call with the client, the implementation team can build integrations within mere hours. In addition, the Verse integration process includes testing, quality assurance, and constant monitoring to ensure expected performance.

After a call with the client, Verse can tailor each integration to specific client needs—with almost no development time from the client required.

With its integrations, Verse offers an unlimited amount of dynamic fields that can be customized to customers’ business needs.

Because Verse’s AI is programmed to ask specific qualifying questions, Verse is capable of extensive and compliant information gathering, which is able to automatically enrich records in Hubspot.

Unqualifying reasons can be used to create targeted re-engagement campaigns, and customers who want to be contacted at a later date will automatically be reconnected at the desired date (based on the consumer’s request).

Verse is highly customizable, so companies can decide whether Verse’s AI engages all of their leads, or only certain segments. They can create filters so that they only receive and engage leads from a selected flow. Verse also works with companies to build out new flows to create new records if they do not exist.

Verse supports a long list of CRMs, including Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk Sell, Velocify, and many more.

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