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Verse Capture QR code’s latest feature, Verse Capture’s QR code capability, allows customers to scan to instantly engage in a conversational-AI powered text conversation.

The launch of Verse Capture QR Forms marks a significant milestone in the evolution of customer interaction”

— Avi Tal, President and Chief Product Officer of Verse

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 / — In 2023, 94 million U.S. smartphone users scanned a QR code—and this figure is expected to break 100 million by 2025.

Proliferating within the marketing world, QR codes allow customers to easily scan anything from mailed documents to commercials to vehicle wraps and instantly be transported to a company’s website.

But with, QR codes are capable of even more., a next-generation conversational AI platform, has announced the launch of its latest feature: a QR code capability for Verse Capture. This unique capability allows the scanner to instantly be engaged in a two-way text conversation.

Now accessible through a quick QR code scan, Verse Capture supercharges lead generation and lead engagement efforts by providing businesses with the ability to transform website traffic into real-time two-way text conversations powered by conversational AI.

With this new capability, businesses can engage these leads from anywhere using a QR code.

Unlike a chatbot, Verse’s lead engagement platform is built on powerful AI, which is equipped with highly-customizable scripts for a massive variety of responses. If the AI is unable to respond confidently, it routes the conversation to a human concierge to get the lead back on track.

Representing the future of customer texting for businesses, the Verse platform provides authentic customer conversations that can take place 24/7 from the convenience of a smartphone.

Simultaneously, Verse Capture allows businesses to:
• Generate leads through a pop-up form on their website
• Drive website traffic through QR codes
• Engage leads immediately when they fill out the form

Capture’s pop-up forms immediately allow customers to text the business through Verse’s AI. Through the QR code capability, businesses can prompt customers to scan to text immediately, and be redirected to their website. Like the rest of the Verse platform, the QR code capability is highly-customizable.

As soon as conversations start, Verse’s AI takes leads through an SMS engagement and qualification campaign, ultimately driving qualified opportunities to businesses.

“The launch of Verse Capture QR Forms marks a significant milestone in the evolution of customer interaction,” says Avi Tal, President and Chief Product Officer of Verse.

“This tool was crafted with the vision of turning every printed ad, billboard, or TV commercial into an interactive conversation starter. We’re proud to offer businesses a smarter, more engaging way to connect with their customers, enhancing the customer experience with just a simple scan.”

Verse’s platform is fully-managed and fully compliant, so businesses have peace of mind knowing that best practices are enforced at customer-opt-in—and throughout every step of the customer journey.

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