VetStem Cell Therapy Helps Working Service Dog with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Get Back to Work


Walter, a working service dog, was able to get back to his important work after treatment with VetStem Cell Therapy for inflammatory bowel disease.

His gastro issues are in full remission and no longer dominating his life.”

— Walter’s Owner

POWAY, CALIFORNIA, US, July 25, 2023/ — Walter Beaux is a working service dog with an active career interfacing with Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS. He travels the U.S.A. specializing in psychological debriefs, physical therapy, and training. Unfortunately, Walter began experiencing gastrointestinal issues that interfered with his career. His veterinarian, Dr. Robert Landry of CCAPM Veterinary Care Center, performed an intestinal biopsy which confirmed Walter has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

IBD is a gastrointestinal disease that can affect both dogs and cats. It is characterized by inflammation of the intestines and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, reduced appetite, and weight loss. While the underlying cause of IBD remains unknown, evidence suggests that the possible causes may be genetics, autoimmune related, environmentally induced, or microbial in nature.

At the time of Walter’s biopsy, Dr. Landry, an experienced VetStem Cell Therapy provider, also collected a small sample of adipose (fat) tissue that was processed at the VetStem laboratory to extract and concentrate Walter’s stem cells. When Walter’s IBD diagnosis was confirmed, Dr. Landry recommended treatment with VetStem Cell Therapy.

VetStem, a veterinary regenerative medicine company located in California, is currently researching the use of stem cells for the treatment of IBD. Mesenchymal stem cells have demonstrated the ability to migrate to areas of inflammation, down-regulate inflammation, modulate the immune system, stimulate neoangiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), and repair damaged tissue. Additionally, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that intravenous administration of adipose derived stem cells could ameliorate the clinical signs of IBD. While more research is needed, preliminary results suggest that VetStem Cell Therapy can improve the symptoms of some dogs and cats with IBD.

Walter was initially treated with one intravenous (IV) dose of his own stem cells, followed by a second IV dose two weeks later. Since his initial treatment, Walter has received two additional IV injections, given approximately every 90 days, following an “aggressive” treatment protocol for patients who may have a particularly bad case of IBD.

According to his owner, the stem cell treatments were a success. His mom stated, “His gastro issues are in full remission and no longer dominating his life. He fetches his work pack on days off and is eager to deploy. At home he is back to hiking. Life is wonderful again!”

Walter’s case was handled under VetStem’s clinical research department, as there is limited data to support the use of stem cell therapy for the treatment IBD. Since this condition develops for different reasons and the severity of the disease varies, the stem cell protocol and outcome can differ for each dog or cat. Any inquiries regarding treatment of similar conditions or other non-standard indications should be directed to VetStem personnel.

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