Vkind’s Two-Day Immersive Event Announces a Special Offer for SAG-AFTRA & WGA Members Affected by the Double Strike

any member of SAG-AFTRA or the WGA can attend our upcoming event and receive 50% off their ticket. We want to support the SAG-AFTRA and WGA members all we can, we hope this will help those affected”

— Star Simmons, creator, Vkind Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Vkind Studios Announces The Vkind Experience (VKX), A One-Of-A-Kind Immersive Global Plant-Based Experience
An innovative experience transporting attendees around the world through various plant-based cuisines will take place at Magic Box in Downtown Los Angeles from Nov. 11-12.

Star Simmons, creator of Vkind Studios, announced today that their upcoming two-day immersive event will do something special for those affected by the SAG-AFTRA & WGA Strikes.

Simmons stated, “We want everyone to take a break from the stresses of life, so any member of SAG-AFTRA or the WGA can attend our upcoming event and receive 50% off their ticket. We want to support the SAG-AFTRA and WGA members all we can. The special code to use for SAG-AFTRA members & WGA members code will be: ‘Sag-Aftra’ and for WGA members, the code is ‘WGA’. Us this code to get 50% off tickets or two for the price of one. We hope this will help those affected by the double strike be able to join us and have a great experience.”

Link to promo video: https://youtu.be/15ydvLWZ2aw

Vkind Studios, producers of “Peeled,” the first-ever all-vegan cooking competition, has announced their next innovative project, a one-of-a-kind immersive experience complete with plant-based food representing countries around the world. From Nov. 11-12 at the Magic Box venue in Los Angeles, attendees will witness a worldwide plant-based dream realized as they enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of every continent. Walking through eleven travel-themed experience rooms spanning 35,000 square feet of space at The Vkind Experience (VKX), tasting bites of flavors from around the world in what the team likes to call “Culinary Magic”. The Experience will also host the premier screening of Vkind Stuios’ groundbreaking short film, “The Next Girl”, which is currently in production in Tucson, AZ.

The landmark event will engross attendees through all five senses, including (touch), virtual, and (sight), audio soundscapes including live dancers (sound), and authentic cultural dishes created by top chefs (smell and taste).

“This is the first plant-based immersive experience of its kind with incredible food from each of the eleven different environment experiences,” said Vkind Studios founder, Star Simmons. “This is truly a groundbreaking event. Even if you do not maintain a plant-based diet, the globally-inspired dishes you will enjoy throughout the event will be a culinary experience for your mind and palate.”

The event will also include a networking opportunity available to attendees after they depart their experience rooms, a boon to those looking to expand their list of plant-based contacts.

Following the premiere of “Peeled” at the Director’s Guild of America in Hollywood last year, the team has been working hard behind the scenes to build upon the success of the well-received affair. To make Vkind’s vision of the VegEconomy a reality, the team has been testing the boundaries of audio, visual, and AI capabilities to create a truly innovative, landmark event.

“After ‘Peeled’ premiered last year, we received so many requests asking if we were going to do another event,” VKX Producer Jia Dadabhoy said. “We knew without a doubt that we wanted to host an immersive, inclusive, indulgent event, and VKX is the result. This event will blow people’s minds and delight their taste buds on an other-worldly level.”
VIP ticket holders will gain early access an hour before general admission ticket holders. A portion of each ticket sale is donated to LA-based horse rescue Saffyre Sanctuary; UnchainedTV, an educational platform; One Tree Planted, an environmental non-profit; and Vegans Of LA, the first vegan food bank in LA.

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