He said he is now “able to love whomever I want no matter the vessel.”

Photo by Frazer Harrison

The Let’s Make a Deal host opened up to Entertainment Tonight on how his world has changed since addressing his sexuality and how he is adjusting to his new normal.

“It would be hard for me to truly put myself 100 percent into a relationship when there’s this nagging doubt that I have not explored that piece of me, or even given voice to having that option,” he explained to the outlet. “It doesn’t mean that it’s ever going to manifest itself in a relationship with a man, or a relationship with this person. I don’t know, but at least being able to voice that, so that, if I go into a relationship, whomever I’m in a relationship with knows me 100 percent.”

For Brady, living his truth gave him freedom, something he had longed for.

“I think that’s the piece that was missing, that I couldn’t verbalize, ’cause I couldn’t lock on to it. I always felt this much dishonest, and if I was being dishonest, then there’s no way to truly give yourself 100 percent,” he said.

The star continued, “Now I feel differently about that ’cause I went, ‘Oh, well, now you know. So if you were to be involved with me, you know Wayne in totality.’ I’m not hiding anything now, so now I can approach you in a way that I never have.”

With his newfound freedom, he is now “able to love whomever I want no matter the vessel.”