Photograph of 4 women in front of the banner on a red carpet. They look forward smiling. From left to right are: Michelle Galluf, Ana Silvani, Vera Jimenez and Suzana Pires.

Michelle Galluff, Ana Silvani, Vera Jimenez & Suzana Pires. | Photo Credit: Jonathan Wallace

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WeBook Authors Panel with Vera Jimenez, Michelle Galluff & Suzana Pires | Photo credit: Jonathan Wallace

Event was hosted at Barnes &Na Noble to celebrate tional Latina Day featuring the award-winning Brazilian actor Suzana Pires, among other immigrant authors

This was a seed that I planted and at this event, it turned into something beautiful!”

— Ana Silvani

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 22, 2023/ — WeBook Publishing, an indie publishing company, proudly presented the vibrant WeBook Author’s Panel celebrating National Latina Day. Two Brazilian authors launched their books, among them was the award-winning actor Suzana Pires. The event took place on August 19th at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles, attracting a diverse audience eager to celebrate Latina literature and culture.

The panel, thoughtfully moderated by renowned journalist Vera Jimenez, brought together a group of talented immigrant authors to discuss their literary journeys, share insights, and connect with the audience. The authors Suzana Pires and Michelle Galluff were present to discuss their writing journey in a second language, as well as their immigration journey. Both are launching books with WeBook, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and soon at Target online.

WeBook Publishing believes in the power of storytelling to shape perceptions and create understanding. The Authors Panel was a testament to this belief, featuring a diverse range of authors who shared their unique perspectives and experiences through their literary works. Participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by these talented individuals, underscoring the importance of representation and the celebration of Latina voices in literature.
“It’s an emotional experience when you can see, taste and touch your dream and know that other people are making their own dreams come true because you had the courage to go and do it, and bring them alongside you”, says Ana Silvani, owner of WeBook. “This was a seed that I planted and at this event, it turned into something beautiful!”

WeBook Publishing extends its heartfelt gratitude to Barnes & Noble at The Grove for hosting, once again this momentous event and providing a platform for new voices to be heard. The publishing house remains committed to promoting stories that challenge stereotypes, inspire empathy, and build bridges across cultures. The success of the Authors Panel serves as a testament to the ever-increasing demand for inclusive literature and the need for platforms that elevate these voices in the publishing industry.

The panel concluded with a book signing, cocktail hour, and the exchange of many ideas, stories, and new book proposals for 2024. The following sponsors made this celebration possible: Santos Lloyd Law, Darcio Coiffeur Hair, Drica Lobo Art, HiBrazil Market, Novaes Jiu-Jitsu, Ferrarini Cafe, and QCE Podcast.

Suzana Pires: Presenting her first book in English titled Unleashed: a woman’s guide to uncover her inner power, with a special Foreword by Sharon Stone. Alongside her foundation, the focus is neutralizing women’s three greatest pains through personal development: work overload, oppression, and loneliness. “As someone whose mission is to impact and be impacted by women who excel in any aspect anywhere in the world, it is an honor to be part of this event, ” explains the actress.

Michele Galluf: Her debut book, The 69 Mistakes I’ve Made in Sex and Love, a plunge into a woman’s journey towards self-forgiveness and self-awareness, in which the author revisits the ups and downs of her dating scene in a new country.

Andrea Iorio: Former Head of Tinder across Latin America for five years, former Chief Digital Officer at L’Oreal Brazil, and author of Meta-Leadership: The New Leader’s Skill Set for the World of AI and Web3. In his first book in English, Lorio advances the best ways that entrepreneurs, executives, and managers can transform their traditional businesses into the new digital age, allowing the readers to keep up with the exponential curve of technology to succeed in their field.

A boutique publisher curating powerful stories – fiction and nonfiction. WeBook Publishing connects and inspires readers and writers to expand their cultural knowledge of language and storytelling. The Brazilian-American women-owned indie publisher works mostly with immigrant authors. The focus on Latinas helps to amplify voices in a diverse community that strive to make a difference in the world. They select a handful of authors each year and guide them through the whole manuscript process: from the conception of ideas to their copy editing, from the marketing plan, all the way until their work is ready for publication and distribution worldwide.

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