Who Was Michael King? — Modern-Day Robin Hood to Honor Martin Luther King in New Documentary About Economic Deprivation

Michael King

Michael King – Some Things Have Been Hidden Too Long

Michael King is the birth name of Martin Luther King Jr. It is the name on his birth certificate – and it was never legally changed.

February 1968 – MLK “The economic problem is the most serious problem.”    
February 2023 – KR “The Solution is real, it is an exact science, and it is long overdue.”


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A GoFundMe campaign has been established to fund a full-feature documentary about the second most amazing fact you still do not know about Martin Luther King Jr.

Historical Background: During a pilgrimage in 1934, Michael King Sr (father King) traveled to Germany where he was influenced by the founder of the Baptist sect of the Protestant Church (Martin Luther 1483-1546) so much that he (father King) changed his name from Michael King Sr to Martin Luther King Sr. When he returned to the US he renamed his son, 5-year-old Michael, to Martin Luther King Jr. Neither of their names were legally changed. (Martin Luther King III is the only legally named MLK.)

While some of you may be among the very few who know this fact, there is another truly amazing fact about Martin Luther King Jr that remains hidden, and it is life-changing for you at this very moment. Had MLK not been slain, your life, today, would be vastly improved — financially. The documentary will pick up on the unknown greatness of MLK– the one that caused him to be assassinated…

Ex-Wall Street Quant, Kaveh Roshan (aka Robin Hood), will produce this documentary to chronologize how he discovered MLK’s birth name. The revelation is going to change your life. It has nothing to do with history or addressing societal ills. It has to do with economics and, more specifically, financial solidarity.

About Kaveh Roshan: Tactical SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Financial Engineering. Like most engineers, Kaveh Roshan is a ‘problem solver’ and for the past 20+ years, he has been working on ‘Reverse-Engineering Economic Deprivation.’

KR – “When my journey began, I would research the topic: “Economic Deprivation” and MLK’s name would always come up. At first I was confused: “Why would a civil-rights leader be listed in search results about an obscure, modern economic term?!” so I incorrectly dismissed the search results as inaccurate or irrelevant.” … “However, after repeated research where MLK was constantly named, I read a buried statement he made that instantly changed my life forever. Upon reading his statement, I knew that MLK was not only a great civil-rights leader, but an even greater economist. As I began to intensely study Martin Luther King Jr as a fellow economist; I would later learn the name on his birth certificate read: Michael King”

Who Was Michael King? – the documentary will honor MLK as an economist who was truly ahead of his time. The film will emphasize that true equality cannot be achieved as long as economic deprivation exists. The film will also explore a working theory that MLK was assassinated for advancing the solution for financial solidarity by persons who legally profit from inequality and injustice.

Additionally, the film will resume in the year 2001, when Kaveh Roshan picked up the torch of Martin Luther King Jr, and today has finished what MLK started –a clear path for any individual to achieve true equality– financial independence.

Supporters of the GoFundMe campaign will receive:
• VIP access to the screening or initial theatrical release of the documentary
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• Optional (opt-in) film credit
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• First preview of the film’s trailer before general release
• The Solution — from a zero conflict-of-interest benefactor of The Lichello Financial Leadership Foundation¹

by contributing to GoFundMe campaign at: https://gofundme.com/f/who-was-michael-king


Learn more about Martin Luther King’s name change: https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/why-martin-luther-king-father-changed-their-names/5ClNJ60MUtgsAZyCB4A4IN/

View MLK’s revised birth certificate: https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/certificate-of-birth-for-martin-luther-king-jr-1-15-1929-revised-4-12-34/PwGFaWMlMo841w

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