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User privacy has always been our top priority
We want our community to get the best experience without sacrificing privacy.”

— Bryant Harris

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , August 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — WhosHere, the renowned location-based social networking and dating app, will add additional security layers to the app to enhance user safety and privacy. “User safety and privacy will be the core focus of our team in the second half of 2023,” Bryant Harris, CEO of WhosHere Inc., announced earlier this month.

WhosHere plans to leverage the latest technologies, including AI, to develop new safety features and strengthen verification processes that ensure profile authenticity and can help foster a trustworthy community.

WhosHere is committed to safeguarding user data and protecting privacy by partnering with an undisclosed company specializing in data protection. This collaboration will provide WhosHere access to up-to-date encryption and anonymization techniques.

While the implementation is underway, WhosHere remains committed to maintaining transparency and informing its users. Regular updates to privacy policies and terms of service will reflect the progress made in protecting user data.

As WhosHere continues its efforts, users can look forward to an enhanced experience. “User privacy has always been our top priority,” Bryant Harris said. “We want our community to get the best experience without sacrificing privacy.”

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