Post-purchase customer experience platform

Post-purchase customer experience platform

Say goodbye to post-purchase dissonance! WISMOlabs integrates with ShipRush, enhancing your customers’ journey from cart to doorstep.

It’s about ensuring that every customer feels informed and cared for from the moment they checkout to the package arrival – and beyond.”

— Dmitri Rassadkine

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — WISMOlabs, a pioneer in enhancing the post-purchase customer journey for online retailers, announces its latest innovation: full integration with ShipRush shipping when used with WooCommerce. Effective November 14th, this new feature helps WooCommerce retailers who utilize ShipRush for shipping logistics, offering them a leap towards full automation in customer communication and a significant reduction in post-purchase dissonance.

With the increasingly complex logistics landscape, the need for a more cohesive and customer-centric approach to post-purchase communication has never been more critical. WISMOlabs has risen to the challenge, enabling a seamless transition from purchase to delivery. The integration with ShipRush represents a pivotal upgrade to the post-purchase phase, ensuring that retailers can now provide a consistent and reassuring presence throughout the customer’s order fulfillment journey.

This integration shows WISMOlabs’ dedication to eliminating the common pain points in the eCommerce shipping process, such as the anxiety and uncertainty that customers often face after placing an order – commonly referred to as post-purchase dissonance. By providing real-time updates and transparent communication, WISMOlabs and ShipRush for WooCommerce collectively empower retailers to maintain a solid and trust-filled relationship with their customers, turning the often overlooked post-purchase phase into a cornerstone of customer loyalty and repeat business.

“By bridging the gap between ShipRush’s powerful shipping capabilities and our sophisticated post-purchase communication platform, we’re eliminating the ‘black box’ period that can tarnish the customer experience,” stated Dmitri Rassadkine CEO of WISMOlabs. “It’s about ensuring that every customer feels informed and cared for from the moment they checkout to the package arrival – and beyond.”

In a market where customer retention is as crucial as acquisition, WISMOlabs provides a robust solution that addresses the heart of post-purchase customer care. The smooth integration, without the need for promotions or events, speaks volumes of the intrinsic value the platform offers to its users.

Retailers keen on reducing post-purchase dissonance and enhancing their customers’ journey can now leverage the combined strengths of WISMOlabs and ShipRush, setting a new standard in customer satisfaction and operational excellence. With this update, WISMOlabs reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovations that support retailers in navigating the complex waters of eCommerce fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

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WISMOlabs remains committed to reinventing the post-purchase experience for eCommerce businesses, offering seamless integration with top shipping platforms and a focus on customer communication excellence.

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