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Dr. Eric Rasmussen, MD, MDM, FACP, Chief Medical Officer Briotech at Mae La Refuge Camp. Briotech was one of a select group of US biotech companies featured on CNN Int’l as part of the Breakthroughs series.

This ambitious international PSA series is being distributed in over 400 countries worldwide joining the widely broadcast U.S. PSA
campaign “Breakthroughs”

We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with World Impact Productions. It presents an outstanding oppt’y for our members to highlight their missions and amplify their impact on a grander scale.”

— Sara Kremsar, Founder, OPTIMOD

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — World Impact Productions in partnership with OPTIMOD, a leader in entrepreneurial support and business systems development, announces a groundbreaking initiative to identify twenty-five international organizations with impactful innovations from across various sectors including technology, healthcare, business, and more, to be featured in a special PSA (Public Service Announcement) series. This ambitious international PSA series will be distributed in over 400 countries worldwide and will join the widely broadcast U.S. PSA campaign “Breakthroughs” in bringing a spotlight to the solutions that all 25 revolutionary organizations bring.

With a longstanding commitment to driving positive change through media, World Impact Productions (WIP) combines its high-powered production and media prowess with OPTIMOD’s expertise in business optimization and development in searching out and supporting companies whose products, services, and/or advancements promise significant societal impact. This ideal collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to support innovations that can transform lives around the globe.

OPTIMOD works with companies of all sizes by offering them a strategic, process, and organizational insights tailored to each company’s unique needs and goals. Thanks to their “Partner Ecosystem” (network of specialists in specific areas that can be included in projects when beneficial to clients) they will play a critical role in the identification and selection of which organizations will have their particular “breakthroughs” featured.

“We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with World Impact Productions”, said Sara Kremsar, founder of OPTIMOD. “It presents an outstanding opportunity for our community members, partners, and clients to highlight their missions and amplify their impact on a grander scale. This alliance provides us with the chance to be part of something larger than ourselves as well as embodies our shared aspiration to make a profound difference in the world. By joining forces with World Impact Production, we are afforded the unique opportunity to leverage our collective strengths, fostering an environment where our collaborative efforts can lead to substantial and lasting change. Through this partnership, we aim to provide opportunities where voices can be heard, initiatives can be showcased, and meaningful actions can be taken towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world. It’s an invitation for all involved to step up and contribute to making the world a better place, through shared vision, purposeful action, and an unwavering commitment to positive transformation”.

The campaign will be harnessing both WIP’s and OPTIMOD’s extensive networks and resources to bring attention to unique products, services, and technological advancements that offer meaningful, sustainable solutions. Eligibility and Participation: Innovators worldwide are invited to present their breakthrough solutions. The search is open to organizations across all continents, looking to address regional, national or global challenges through pioneering solutions. The focus is on innovations that not only have the potential to transform industries but also to positively affect societal issues on a national and/or international scale. Submissions will be evaluated based on their uniqueness, potential for impact, and readiness for broader visibility. Selection Process: The selection panel is comprised of industry experts from WIP’s Board and OPTIMOD’s Senior Management, alongside international figures in technology, healthcare, and business. A total of twenty-five organizations across a diverse range of organizations, from start-ups and charities to Fortune Global 500 companies, will be selected for their potential to offernew approaches to pressing issues within their category. After review and approval, each selected organization will become part of a massive media campaign and PSA production and
distribution to accelerate their impact.

Campaign Vision and Global Reach: The selected innovations will be featured in a dynamic PSA campaign across multiple media platforms, including major network television, digital channels, and social media globally that is similar to the one taking place currently in the U.S. This customized campaign will ensure extraordinary exposure for each participant, aiming to foster wider acknowledgment and adoption of the solutions they offer.

Executive Insights: Mark Allan, Executive Producer at WIP, together with Dr. Emily Tran, Chief Innovation Officer at OPTIMOD, jointly stated: “This partnership embodies our shared vision of using our platforms for global good. By highlighting transformative innovations, we aim to inspire action and further innovation worldwide. We believe in the power of media and technology to make a real difference, and through this campaign, we will bring groundbreaking solutions into the spotlight, where they can achieve the greatest possible impact.”

Call to Action: WIP and OPTIMOD encourage forward-thinking innovators from around the world to seize this unique opportunity. The campaign not only offers tremendous international media exposure to the featured organizations but a chance to be part of a larger movement towards sustainable global solutions.

For more information on how to apply, submission guidelines, eligibility criteria, and campaign details, please contact:

In U.S. —
djohnson@mediadept.tv (Dan Johnson, Director for PSA Selection Committee)
International —
ag@worldimpactproductions.com (Ana Garcia, EVP for Special Programming,
Asia / Europe / GCC )

About World Impact Productions: WIP is a global leader in entertainment, known for its rich history of award-winning Productions across film and television.
About OPTIMOD: OPTIMOD is a key player in enhancing entrepreneurship and business performance through comprehensive services, community initiatives, and a robust ecosystem.

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