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AUM Films, the makers of Seaspiracy, What The Health and Cowspiracy – have got back the film rights from Netflix for “Christspiracy,” due for release in 2024

We want “Christspiracy” be seen by as many people as possible and we desired full creative direction, so we have got back the rights from Netflix.”

— Kip Andersen, AUM Films

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The Three Prequels To “Christspiracy” are “Seaspiracy”, “What The Health” [Executive producer Joaquin Phoenix] and “Cowspiracy” [Executive producer Leonard DiCaprio]

AUM Films today announced the finale of the tetralogy of the ‘Spiracy Series: ‘“Christspiracy” – The Spirituality Secret Film, will be made available in 2024 to an international audience in theatres and streaming platforms, in line with global demand. The film’s co-director, Kip Andersen, has got back the exclusive film rights from Netflix, and aims to independently release “Christspiracy” which features a world exclusive uncovering an aspect about Jesus Christ that is not known by the majority of the public or theologians. The four-part ‘Spiracy Series includes “Seaspiracy”, “What the Health” of which Joaquin Phoenix is executive producer of and “Cowspiracy” which Leonardo DiCaprio is executive producer of – all films combined have a loyal following of millions of fans. This devotion has driven fans to donate on Kickstarter circa $300,000 in less than two weeks to ensure “Christspiracy” is released and so that they can gain early access. Anyone can still pledge funds on Kickstarter now until December 1, 2023 at 05:24 PST/13:24 GMT.

Donations to watch the film and gift tickets to others are part of the film’s ‘Pay-it-Forward’ movement. The film is on animal ethics, trying to figure out if there is any spiritual or ethical way to kill animals.

Kip Andersen, President and Founder, AUM Films, commented: “”Christspiracy” uncovers the biggest secret about Jesus Christ in the last 2,000 years, one that will transform history, and the future. Even most religious leaders don’t know the truth of what we uncovered in the film, which feels incredibly sad. Our investigation has been verified by leading theologian doctors and professors.

“We wanted this exclusive masterpiece to be seen by as many people as possible and we desired full creative direction, so AUM Films made the decision to get back the rights from Netflix. We were at the heart of the film for five years and so we wanted to dive deeper in the direction that we knew the investigation needed to go.

Kip Andersen continued: “With the public’s support, we can bust open the limited access of transmitting on just one streaming platform, by instead aiming to reach a larger audience with this unifying message of peace, truth, justice, and compassion. We are truly grateful that our films “What The Health”, “Cowspiracy” and “Seaspiracy” are among the top performers on Netflix. Now we want to go where no other film has gone before and share the greatest story never fully told. We have unearthed the truth about what Jesus really wanted and why the world’s religions have hid the truth.

Andersen summarised: “Given the magnitude and importance of this film, it’s appropriate that international fans will be able to enjoy “Christspiracy” as quickly as those based in the USA. Therefore, the film will be simultaneously broadcast in hundreds of theatres across the world within 24 hours of its international release in the USA.”

“The ‘Spiracy Series’ have become a global sensation, breeding a huge and devoted following of millions of fans all over the world, who are not only viewers, but part of a passionate movement. Anyone can donate now to our Kickstarter fund before December 1st at 05:24 PST, when it closes.”

“Christspiracy” covers the ethical angle of the human relationship with non-human animals and the industries that exploit them, influenced by world religions. It gives an historical account of how we ended up where we are today, in a global crisis.

“Christspiracy” is an investigative documentary featuring two daring filmmakers Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters as they expose how religious leaders are turning a blind eye to animal exploitation – despite compassion being the one core principle in all world religions. What is the spiritual way to kill an animal?

Co-director Kameron Waters is a former gospel singer-songwriter and musician for Sony Records, and now a filmmaker at AUM Films. After growing up in a family lineage of gospel singers and a minister, Kameron was entrenched in the church from the day he was born. It wasn’t until he realized how people use Christianity to justify animal abuse, that he started this journey and eventually, co-created this revolutionary documentary.

Co-director Kip Andersen features in the film. After producing some of Netflix’s most-watched documentaries, “What The Health”, “Cowspiracy” and “Seaspiracy”, Kip’s work as a director has been fundamental to countless people stopping eating animals, fish, dairy and eggs and “Christspiracy” is his biggest chapter yet.

“Christspiracy” was filmed on location in the USA, UK, Vatican City, Italy, India, Nepal and Paraguay.

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