Around the world, advanced air mobility (AAM) services are being developed and tested toward becoming part of transportation systems.

A robust #communications network is a key component to scaling #AdvancedAirMobility. The Michigan Department of Transportation is leading the way!

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 25, 2024 / — WSP and Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) have been selected by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Aeronautics Division to establish a UAS Communication Mesh Test Deployment. This project will explore the ability of the technology to support beyond visual line of sight unmanned aircraft deployments.

ASX is developing and testing large scale unmanned aircraft systems and a unique traffic management system leveraging automotive electric vehicle (EV) technologies and V2V2I short range wireless communication systems. “We believe connected vehicle technology developed for terrestrial vehicles can be deployed to manage aerial vehicles as well, and our preliminary testing results have been very favorable” says Walton Fehr, AeroNet Architect for ASX. ASX began researching and developing the approach in 2015 and has applied for various patents on back office command and control schemes.

ASX partnered with WSP to respond to MDOT Office of Aeronautics’ Request for Proposal to deploy ground based wireless infrastructure to work in concert with small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). WSP’s proven experience conducting research and preparing research documents for MDOT, other states, and federal agencies made WSP a natural partner for ASX to lead the project. “WSP has extensive experience performing Technology Reviews, Frequency Analyses, and Communications Interference Analyses for the FAA, State, and Local communities. This will ensure coordination, planning and execution of such projects, and it’s exciting to partner with ASX to deploy this all-new Flying Wireless Mesh Network in Michigan” says Paul Wheeler, VP Aerial Innovation – WSP.

WSP and ASX have the passion and experience to assist MDOT and their goals for this project and to bolster the intermodal transportation options available to Michigan’s citizens and commercial users.

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