Young & Cursed Coming in 2024

Young & Cursed Coming in 2024

‘Young & Cursed’, a Chiaramonte Films, Inc. production, is a new horror / psychological thriller which is set to be released in early 2024.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2023 / — Audiences are excited about this new cinematic experience as the talented team of Andrew Chiaramonte and Emmett Alston unites to present their gripping horror / psychological thriller film, “Young & Cursed,” scheduled for release in 2024.

Beneath the eerie canopy of an impending Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, “Young & Cursed” unveils a harrowing tale that will grip the souls of horror enthusiasts. The narrative unravels around five young souls from diverse backgrounds, drawn unknowingly to a desolate and enigmatic cabin in the wilderness.

Maria (Jennifer Rosas), tormented by the ghostly specter that haunts her every waking moment, and Jason (Stevarion Allen), a gifted musician stalked by a nightmarish demonic version of himself, are drawn together by forces beyond their comprehension.

Trudy (Morgan Franz) harbors her own unspeakable terrors, besieged by a grotesque demon that mercilessly torments her during the dark hours. Tahoma (Reda Fassi-Fihri) finds himself pursued by a evil Skinwalker, while Donny (CJ Malone), a tech prodigy with a conflicted past, grapples with a demonic possession that has finally reached its terrifying zenith.

Their lives intertwine with that of Kyra (Madison Hubler), a spellbinding enigma residing within the cabin, who appears to be simultaneously oblivious and all-knowing. Within her, lurks one of the most sinister demons to ever haunt mankind, Lilith (Britt Crisp), a malevolent entity that has endured since time’s inception, serving a nefarious purpose that will send shivers down the viewer’s spine.

Leading the charge in this thrilling cinematic endeavor are the brilliant director and producer duo, Andrew Chiaramonte and Emmett Alston, who have combined their creative prowess and extensive experience to produce, “Young & Cursed”, a movie that will enthrall audiences worldwide.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Young & Cursed,” Chiaramonte and Alston cited their fascination with the enigmatic Blood Moon, a celestial phenomenon steeped in mystery and superstition. This rare lunar event offered the ideal canvas for weaving a narrative that seamlessly merges elements of horror, suspense, and psychological drama.

“Young & Cursed” boasts an ensemble cast of exceptional actors who bring their characters to life with unwavering incisive understanding and depth, immersing the audience further into the haunting world of the film.

More than just a run-of-the-mill thriller, “Young & Cursed” is a meticulously crafted masterpiece that plays with the audience’s emotions, ensuring they remain on the edge of their seats throughout. The film’s atmospheric cinematography by Gary Ahmed, and haunting score by composer Patrick O’Malley, in perfect harmony to create an immersive experience that indelibly impacts the viewers world.

Months prior to its release, “Young & Cursed” has already generated substantial buzz within the film industry and among eager movie fans. With its unique storyline, impeccable direction, and exceptional performances, the film is poised to become a breakout hit. “Young & Cursed” is an exciting cinematic venture that promises to be a standout addition to the horror thriller genre. With its talented creative team, bewitching plotline, and stellar cast, the film is primed to dominate the box office and capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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