Renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon Joins Company to Support Unmatched Anti-Aging Skin Care Line: Stock Symbol: $AVRW

Avenir Wellness Solutions Stock Symbol: AVRW

Avenir Wellness Solutions Stock Symbol: AVRW

Avenir Wellness Solutions $AVRW with Brand Ambassador #NicoleKidman...

Avenir Wellness Solutions $AVRW with Brand Ambassador #NicoleKidman….

$AVRW Nutri Strips

$AVRW Nutri Strips

$AVRW Avenir Wellness' Seratopical DNA Complex

$AVRW Avenir Wellness’ Seratopical DNA Complex

Avenir Wellness $AVRW / Sera Labs Partnership with Nicole Kidman

Avenir Wellness $AVRW / Sera Labs Partnership with Nicole Kidman

Avenir Wellness Solutions™ ($AVRW) Skin Care Products are Currently Sold at Major Retailers Including Walmart ($WMT), Target ($TGT), CVS Health ($CVS,($AMZN)

Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AVRW)

we are encouraged by the early results and accelerating sales heading into the third quarter, which reaffirms the improving overall trajectory of the business”

— Nancy Duitch, CEO of Avenir Wellness

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2023/ — Renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon Joins Company to Support Unmatched Anti-Aging Skin Care Line Now Receiving Top Media Coverage with CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine, and more: Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AVRW)

Avenir Wellness Solutions CEO Nancy Duitch recently stated, “As we continue down the road of building the Seratopical Revolution and Nutri-Strips brands, we are very optimistic about the Company’s future. After bringing on top of their game brand-building personnel who have years of direct-to-consumer experience, we are at an inflection point in achieving the goal of transforming Avenir Wellness into one of the leading Beauty and Wellness companies. Our Team has been working diligently on executing the strategy and our science team led by Rob Davidson has been working on new Innovative Technologies and groundbreaking Delivery Systems for our products as well as licensing opportunities for the technologies.”

 Proprietary Nutraceutical & Topical Delivery Systems for Wellness and Anti-Aging Beauty Product Lines.

 Company Currently Holds 15 Patents.

 Seratopical Revolution Skin Care Products are Promoted by the Company’s Global Brand Ambassador and Strategic Partner Nicole Kidman.

 Top Level National Media Coverage in People, Glamour, InStyle, Zoe Report, Yahoo, and Vogue to name just a few.

 Financial Reports Brought Up to Date by Urish Popeck & Co., LLC, The Company’s New Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm.

 Latest Media Exposure in Top-Tier Publications Including CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine and More.

 New Partnership with LA-Based Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Persky to Support Latest DNA Complex Product Launch.

 Dr. Persky to Also Join the Medical Advisory Board for Future Innovation.

 Q2 2023 Results Show Sales Strength with New Marketing Campaigns Delivering Encouraging Results.

 Continued Success with Advertising and Marketing for DNA Complex, The New addition to The Company’s Seratopical Revolution Family of Products.

For more information on AVRW visit: and

Avenir Wellness (OTC: AVRW) is a broad platform technology company that develops proprietary wellness, nutraceutical, and topical delivery systems. The technology, which is based on (15) fifteen current patents, offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release delivery vehicles designed to improve product efficacy, safety, and consumer experience for a wide range of active ingredients. The Company will continue down the path of creating new technologies that will be part of its incubator strategy in order to monetize its IP. As a vertically integrated platform company, Avenir Wellness (AVRW) looks to partner or license its IP technology with wellness companies worldwide.

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) has a current focus on the beauty and wellness markets which are growing at rapid rates. The global wellness sector, despite the pandemic, saw exponential growth in 2021 with a market size of $1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey. There is a strong overall and growing demand for supplements and nutraceuticals, a $587.3 billion market, according to the 2021 Grandview report. The beauty and personal care industry is a $534 billion market now and is set to grow 5.87% year over year according to Terakeet’s 2021 Beauty Industry Report.

Nicole Kidman is the Global Brand Ambassador of Avenir Wellness Seratopical Revolution Product Line

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) wholly owned subsidiary Sera Labs develops, markets and distributes their proprietary Seratopical Revolution skin careline which is represented by the famous Nicole Kidman as a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador.

Three years ago, Nicole Kidman contacted Sera Labs management seeking an opportunity to become involved with the Company because she was already using its products. She helped us develop the Revolution line. Her dream was to help Sera Labs create a legacy skincare brand that was affordable to everyone, and it needed to be alcohol-free, natural, and plant-based. After reaching an agreement, Nicole Kidman has been working with the team to reach out to the public to inform them about the line through social media, advertising platforms and the media because she so clearly values its effectiveness.

The story of Nicole Kidman’s involvement with Avenir Wellness (AVRW) is detailed on the Company’s website here: and is also described in a recent interview with Avenir Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch on the well followed “New to the Street” Investment program. The interview can be watched at this link:

By the end of August Avenir Wellness AVRW continued to receive high profile media attention with exposure for the company’s Seratopical Revolution product line. Avenir Wellness AVRW was able to secure coverage in top-tier publications, including CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine and more. These placements garnered over 513M media impressions for the increasingly popular and successful Avenir Wellness AVRW Seratopical Revolution brand.

Some examples of the latest Avenir Wellness AVRW media exposure may be seen at the following links:

SeratopicalRevolution_CNNUnderscored_8.30.23 1.pdf
SeratopicaRevolution_People_8.30.23 1.pdf
Image 9-1-23 at 2.14 PM (1) 1.jpeg
Seratopical_WholeFoodsMag_8.24.23 1.pdf

Partnership with LA-Based Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Persky to Support Latest DNA Complex Product Launch

On September 12th Avenir Wellness (AVRW) announced that renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Persky, M.D., F.A.C.S., had joined the Company as a welcome addition to the Medical Advisory Board and will help support marketing for the brand’s latest launches and advise on new product innovation.

Board-certified and fellowship-trained, Dr. Persky has specialized in facial plastic surgery for almost 40 years. Throughout his career, Dr. Persky has prioritized non-invasive and non-surgical procedures wherever possible and is always looking for products to recommend to patients before they commit to an invasive surgical procedure.

This partnership for Avenir Wellness (AVRW) came about through a long-standing relationship with Nancy Duitch, Avenir CEO and Founder of Sera Labs. In this role, Dr. Persky will support brand marketing, social, and advertising campaigns for the Avenir Wellness (AVRW) brand’s latest innovation, patent-pending DNA (Deep Nano Actives) Complex, an instant anti-aging skin tightening serum that penetrates deep into the skin. As an advisory board member, Dr. Persky will also advise on formulating the brand’s future plant-based and scientifically grounded products.

“This is the first time that I’m endorsing an over-the-counter skincare product, and what’s convinced me to do so is the science behind it, the peptide technology, and my personal experience with it,” said Dr. Michael Persky. “I’m all about the truth and can’t recommend something unless it’s safe, effective, and helps people.”

Second Quarter 2023 Results; New Campaigns Showing Encouraging Results

On August 15th Avenir Wellness (AVRW) announced results for the second fiscal quarter ended June 30, 2023.

Key operational highlights for the second quarter included the following:

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) net revenue in the second quarter of 2023 decreased slightly year-over-year and sequentially from Q1 2023 to $1.0 million due to the delay in receiving the expected remainder of the asset sale proceeds as well as manufacturing delivery delays due to raw material supply shortages. Sales are expected to increase in the second half of the year.

Gross margins for the second quarter decreased by 152 basis points to 71.4% in 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 due to a mix shift with higher wholesale sales at Amazon and Walmart which have benefitted in 2023 from our advertising initiatives. Gross margin expansion is expected in the second half of 2023 with an increase in higher margin direct-to-consumer sales and the launch of Avenir Wellness (AVRW) new Beauty product releases including DNA Complex as well as our new marketing initiatives.

Nancy Duitch, CEO of Avenir Wellness (AVRW) stated, “While not meeting our expectations in the second quarter, we are encouraged by the early results and accelerating sales heading into the third quarter, which reaffirms the improving overall trajectory of the business. We are also very excited by the continued success of the advertising and marketing campaigns for our Seratopical Revolution product line. theSkimm continues to deliver as we execute on our strategy to build our brands.”

Operational Highlights

Other operational highlights during the second quarter of 2023 included:

All of our MSRP pricing was raised on Amazon with no negative impact and increased sales.

New beauty subscription program has grown sequentially by 50% quarter over quarter.

New manufacturing resources were added to ensure a more consistent and effective supply chain at better costs, driving our anticipated gross margin expansion.

DNA Complex had its debut launch at the Met Gala with Nicole Kidman in coordination with theSkimm release.

DNA Complex garnering Five-star reviews from the customer base.

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) CEO interview on the NASDAQ with Jane King aired on Newsmax TV, The FOX Business Network, and Bloomberg TV in multiple time slots during the quarter generating much interest in the Company as well as driving sales to our e-commerce site.

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) enhanced the reach and visibility of its Brand Ambassador, Nicole Kidman, as part of the launch of its marketing campaigns and the unveiling of its revolutionary new product, DNA Complex. Avenir Wellness (AVRW) recently received prominent mentions of its DNA Complex along with the rest of the Seratopical Revolution line after the Oscars, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Met Gala.

New To The Street CEO Interview:

In the first week of June, Avenir Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch sat down for her latest New To The Street interview which is focused on the company’s most promising new product, the DNA or Deep Nano Actives Complex. The full interview is available at any time via this direct link:

The direct support of Nicole Kidman for the Avenir Wellness (AVRW) product line is also meeting with accelerating positive coverage from a wide range of top media sites and publications. Some of the most prominent can be viewed at the links below:

Vogue (at the 2023 Oscars):

Style Caster (UVM: 12,033,256) “The Best Oscars Beauty Looks This Year Are Surprisingly Low-Key”

InStyle (UVM: 11,926,028) “Nicole Kidman’s Dewy Oscars Look Was Thanks to the Moisturizer Shoppers Say Makes Skin Look “Flawless””

Syndicated to Yahoo!Life (UVM: 405,833,392)

Syndicated to Yahoo!News (UVM: 64,434,231)

InStyle(UVM: 11,926,028)”Nicole Kidman’s Oscars Makeup Was All About Soft, Effortless Glam”

Syndicated to Yahoo!Life (UVM: 405,833,392)

New Beauty (UVM: 453,275) “This Tightening Gel Is the Secret to Nicole Kidman’s Smooth Skin”

Met Gala Page Six (UVM: 19,158,191) for their “Best beauty and makeup looks of the 2023 Met Gala — and how to shop them” story. Link:

CLIP: Seratopical_PageSix_5.2.23

InStyle (UVM: 12,788,574) for their “Nicole Kidman’s Flawless Met Gala Skin Called on This Facelift in a Bottle That’s Selling Fast” story.


Syndicated to Yahoo! News (UVM: 59,984,680) :

Glamour (UVM:9,672,715) for their “The Best Makeup Looks on the Met Gala 2023 Red Carpet” story. Link:

CLIP: Seratopical_Glamour_5.2.23

Entertainment Tonight (UVM:7,974,566) for their “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Return to Met Gala for First Time Since 2016” story.

CLIP: Seratopical_ET_5.1.23

Syndicated to AOL (UVM: 17,259,778)

Hollywood Life (UVM: 5,887,756) for their “Nicole Kidman Wears Iconic Dress From Her 2004 Chanel No. 5 Commercial At Met Gala: Photos” story.
CLIP: Seratopical_HollywoodLife_5.1.23
The Zoe Report (UVM: 2,233,542) for their “The Best Hair, Makeup, & Nails Of The 2023 Met Gala Rival The Red Carpet Gowns” story. Link:

CLIP: Seratopical_TZR_5.1.23

AOL (UVM: 17,259,778): syndication of ET

ACMAs People (UVM: 55,118,694) for their “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Twin in Suits on the 2023 ACM Awards Red Carpet: See Their Looks!” story.

They noted, “Kelsey Deenihan Fisher, who was in charge of Kidman’s makeup, prepped her skin using the plant-based Seratopical Revolution collection from SeraLabs before achieving the star’s peachy glow.”

Syndicated to: Yahoo! Entertainment (UVM:411,180,653) for their “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Twin in Suits on the 2023 ACM Awards Red Carpet: See Their Looks!” story.

SheFinds (UVM: 4112,612) for their ” Nicole Kidman Stunned In A Plunging Sparkly Pantsuit On The Red Carpet—ACM Fans Are Picking Their Jaws Off The Floor!”

They noted, “makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher prepped the Oscar-winner’s skin using the plant-based Seratopical Revolution collection from Sera Labs, which no doubt contributed to her flawless glow.”

New Beauty (UVM: 450,259) for their “The Under-Eye Product Nicole Kidman Uses to Prevent Concealer Creasing”

They noted, “Celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher was the woman behind Nicole’s fresh-faced look. Her skin was prepped with Seratopical Super Booster Serum with CBD ($54) to brighten and tighten skin. Then Kelsey applied a thin veil of a new product, Seratopical Revolution DNA Complex, around the eyes. It’s formulated to boost hydration and ensure concealer doesn’t crack or crease. It also tightens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. On top of that, they used Seratopical Revolution Adoring Eye Serum ($36) under the eye as well. To seal it all in, Kelsey applied Seratopical Day & Night Brilliance Cream with CBD ($54) to hydrate the skin and prep it for makeup.”

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