If your airport routine features grabbing a bottle of water after passing through the TSA checkpoint, you may have to think again. Los Angeles International Airport has banned the sale of single-use plastic bottles in its facility, per a Facebook post.

The ban has followed a 2021 plan to gradually phase out the sale of water bottles in LAX and the Van Nuys Airport. It’s part of a larger, zero-waste initiative under Los Angeles World Airports’ Sustainability Action Plan.

The LAWA Board of Commissioners plans to make its airports entirely zero-waste by 2045. Besides banning plastic bottles, LAWA also intends to have net-zero emissions from its operations, develop a fully renewable electric profile, and minimize gray water.

“Eliminating single-use plastic water bottles is the right thing to do for our airports, our communities, and our environment,” said Justin Erbacci, CEO of LAWA, per television station KTLA.