Ever googled yourself? A friend? An online date? We are all guilty of keeping an eye on what is said about us online. The problem is, google limits the personal information it can show us.

A new website that people are calling “creepy”, “scary,” and “addicting,” PeopleWhiz is making users speechless over the unlimited amount of personal details it can find on just about anyone in America.

With the click of a mouse you’ll have access to anyone’s public records, history, divorce records, phone numbers, social media accounts, emails, known relatives, associates, licenses, offenses, mug shots and the list goes on and on.

Here’s How It Works

PeopleWhiz has access to billions of public records that reveal personal details on just about everyone in America. The records they get are official U.S. records sourced from federal, state, and private commercial databases.

Most users are amazed to find:

  • Mug shot records
  • Background checks
  • Social media accounts
  • Traffic violations
  • Marriage records

A search gives you almost instant results, enter a name and seconds later you’ll get your full legal name, aliases, age, relatives and different cities you have lived in. Spot on details. It can even expose hidden social media profiles!

Who Did I Search?

Well for me, I actually was just looking for someone I had lost touch with over two decades ago. I had totally forgotten about him, my high school crush, until I came across his profile on an online dating service.

After all those years I honestly did not want to wait to see if we would match, so I started with a Google search. But all that came up were Facebook profiles (which were unfortunately not the person I was looking for) and frankly just wrong results.

I was beginning to lose hope until I just so happened to do my grocery shopping at the same time as Margette. What are the odds that another Sandalwood High Class of 1995 would be doing their shopping at the same time as me! I hadn’t seen her since our ten-year reunion and she sure did look as great as I remember.

She asked me if I was seeing anyone and I told her I was actually just trying out online dating after ending my marriage four years ago. She said she too uses online dating but relies on a site called Peoplewhiz to screen all her dates in advance. She informed me of the power of Peoplewhiz and I was sold right away.

The second I got home I searched for him on peoplewhiz. The results came in immediately and what I saw truly did shock me. My high school crush had been arrested twice for DUIs and even went to jail for tax fraud. Safe to say when my match came in with redacted I blocked him immediately.

Ever since Peoplewhiz has been a lifesaver for me! I could not imagine dating without it. Since the service offers multiple searches– I even was able to see what dirt it had on me! I found all my old embarrassing online blogs (ironically…about dating), that of course had just terrible pictures of me, and ugh what was I even writing about? It even had all my secret social media profiles I used to get more followers…how?! How on earth did it know @undercoverjs90 was me?!

But I wish that is all the dirt it had on me…

It had all the details of my messy divorce back in 2013. Which honestly, I don’t even want to get into right now. I would much rather talk about that speeding ticket I got back in 2013. Traffic tickets…seriously Peoplewhiz knew that too?!

I’m a little guilty of using Peoplewhiz maybe a little too much. The site is just so addicting. Being able to find out anything on anyone makes me my own personal gossip magazine. I recommend Peoplewhiz to all my friends and family.