We all use the internet. And we all use a search engine. But do you have to sacrifice your privacy for the search? Not according to LyNea Bell. She’s created a private search engine that you don’t have to compromise with.

After twelve months in development, entrepreneur LyNea Bell announced the launch of GOTCONN.com, a privacy-based search engine. 

“I am so excited to be a part of the solution. The internet can be very intrusive, and at times violating to a degree. This search engine was created as an alternative for those looking to take back their privacy,” says Bell.

A Private Search Engine Alternative

One of GOTCONN’S greatest offerings is the ability for users to “search without becoming tailgated by uninvited and unwanted solicitation.” Users can search the internet without their personal identifying information being logged, tracked, retained or sold. This literally puts a stop to unwanted and annoying advertisers following your every move. GOTCONN, offers exceptional search results without ever compromising the user’s privacy. 

How it works

Over the course of twelve months, Bell worked with Lead Engineer Jason Cook, and Engineering Professor Roderick Crowder to develop a search engine that could generate accurate and relevant search results with record timing, while dually protecting the user’s privacy. 

The team was able to successfully accomplish the desired results without the aid of knowledge about any personal identifying information, including previous searches, browsing history, IP addresses or tracking cookies, that could affect which search results are returned to the user. 

Black women continue to be innovative leaders in the world. I’ve used the GotConn search engine and it’s fast and accurate. It felt good knowing that all my moves on the web wouldn’t come back to haunt me. Seeing an ad from something you just searched for can be helpful and overwhelming all at the same time. Congratulations Lynea. I’ll definitely be using GotConn!